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“Everybody is a Genius. But if you Judge a Fish by its ability to Climb a Tree, It will live its whole life Believing It is Stupid” Mark Brandon (Einstein might have said it first)

Welcome to BenchMark Recruitment Ltd, established in a year the whole world has spun on its head and the dynamic of recruitment has changed forever.

We have been the Job Hunter, the Headhunted, and in the unenviable position of being unemployed. So, we understand what its like to walk in these shoes, and why we will look to give you the best recruitment experience possible and we will work harder on your behalf so you get the end result you are looking for.

Everyone has a unique skillset, and personality so its important to tailor those needs to match you to the most suitable employer, as I know from experience you do your best work when you are happy, and everybody wins.

In truth, not every placement is a 100% perfect match, but Our Goal is to help people and get to know each individual the best we can so we get the best fit for both the candidate and the Client.

Having recruited for thousands of roles “ranging from Bookkeeper to CFO”, and Built on a foundation of over 10 years’ experience in recruitment, BenchMark Recruitment understands the importance of having the right fit for both a business and a candidate – the right person in the right role, at the right time. No matter how big or small your team or where you are based, we strive to find the candidate for you.

Our team is well connected within the Accountancy & Finance Space. We offer a personalised approach and take the time to understand each business we work with, its goals and objectives, so that we can match exceptional candidates to each role. Likewise, we carefully consider each candidate needs at that time, to place them in their perfect role. In fact, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect fit, whether it be for temporary and contract staffing to permanent staffing, ensuring that the needs of the business and the person are met.

Mark Brandon

Sport from an early age has always been my passion, and in particular rugby. I completed my Accountancy & Finance degree in AIT where I went more to pursue my dream of being a rugby player, but sadly I was no BOD. However, thankfully I completed my degree and I went on to work in Accountancy Practice & Industry, and after a mini world tour still trying to forge out some sort of a rugby career, I found my second calling in Recruitment, and I am very grateful that I did.

I Have worked in this area for over 10 years now, and it certainly brings its challenges , but I have grown very passionate about recruitment, and in many ways I compare it to sport, and the rewards of placing a candidate in a role they really wanted a similar thrill to scoring a try or winning a big match. I really understand the importance of being in the right team environment, having a leader you look up to and aspire to be, and how the right environment brings out the best in people.

Everyone has their own story, not everyone knows what they want to do out of college, and they may take a winding road to reach their eventual destination. Some people just need that little help to get their career started, or that promotion they seek, or a work life balance that they need for a family life, we want you to reach your end goal. So please do get in touch,

We are here to help!!

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” –      Nelson Mandela


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